Five Items to Consider Before Conducting a Security Risk Assessment

Healthcare organizations should conduct a security risk assessment annually to serve as a basis for revising the organization’s security program to address new technologies, workplace violence, and community crime risk.  Prior to beginning an assessment consider these five items: 1.       Assessment frequency and completeness 2.       Purpose and design of assessment 3.       Source and quality of

Optimal ES Workforce Utilization

Read Rock Jensen's article published by Health Facilities Management Magazine! As a leader in the healthcare industry, Jensen describes key strategies for optimal ES workforce utilization such as building an inventory, creating a staffing analysis, combining staffing metrics, including nonproductive labor expenses, and how to take your first step.

Interim Management Consulting Services: Four Key Reasons to Hire an Interim Manager for your Hospital or Healthcare System

During times of crisis or change, hospital and healthcare organizations need help. Interim Management consulting services can make a crucial difference when an organization reaches a turning point. These services ensure stability to get through the immediate challenge and steer the organization to a more stable and profitable future. Interim Management consulting services provide