How to Get Started in Lean & Six Sigma Without Getting Overwhelmed

Maybe you’ve heard of Lean. It’s the name we give the philosophies, tools, and systems originally developed by Toyota to build highly reliable and consistent cars. Lean isn’t just for cars, though. It’s been adopted by thousands of companies worldwide and is a proven catalyst for improving quality, reducing costs, and boosting employee morale. It’s

How an Education Consulting Firm Can Help Your University, College, or Private School

In today's highly competitive climate, colleges, universities, private schools, and other educational institutions need help to attract and retain students and to increase their financial well-being. Education consulting firms provide the experience, expertise, and objective perspective needed to help schools operate more efficiently, reduce unnecessary costs, increase revenue streams, improve student retention, and develop data-driven

What helps drive students to select YOUR campus?

A potential student has many considerations when selecting post-secondary education.   Three key factors that influence parents and prospective students when making the important college or university decision include: Financial Expense Educational Reputation Physical Environment Financial Expense Parents and students need to fully understand the total cost of the college or university they are considering.