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Understanding Hospital Crime

The rates of violent crime are rising in hospitals and care settings across the United States, fueled by a myriad of issues, including mental health, emergency room wait times, domestic disputes, and our ongoing struggle with an opioid epidemic that’s bringing patients to hospitals for drugs or addiction treatment. For hospitals leaders understanding what type of crime is occurring and how that compares to the national landscape can be a valuable input into developing a security program that is adapting to this rising issue. First, and foremost, it is important to understand the type of crime that is occurring within

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What does Quality look like for an Environmental Service (ES) program?

For Healthcare, it can mean different things to different people. The ES program is the backbone of the Hospital and how it is run will help overall patient satisfaction. The ES department touches every aspect of the patient / visitor from the time they park the car and enter the facility to the time they leave the parking lot. Unlike 95% of the other departments in a hospital, ES touches all the square footage of the facility, every day. The best housekeeping program needs to consist of the following items: The right employees engaging with patients An overall engaged workforce.

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Staying Relevant with Student Dining

College and university dining programs are increasingly challenged to remain competitive, with off-campus options being more available with the advent of Uber Eats and other app-based food delivery programs. The competitive advantage of convenience is slowly being eroded away by these services. To remain relevant to the student consumer base on-campus dining must continue to evolve in a way that enhances experiences along with convenience.  Full-time college students represent nearly $70 billion in annual spending, with the majority of the discretionary spend spent on food. Capturing the spend is critical to the sustainability of campus dining programs. Additionally, colleges and universities have an opportunity to improve each

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Reduce Workplace Violence by Setting the Stage Early

Hospital settings create high levels of stress for patients, their families and friends, as well as employees of the organization.  Stress combined with fear of the unknown and illness become major contributors to agitation and aggression from patients and family members toward healthcare staff. Additionally, hospitals are the go-to-resource for care and de-escalation of individuals with behavioral health issues. Studies show violence against healthcare employees is more common that most people understand.  According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), 75% of the nearly 25,000 annual workplace assaults occurred in health care and social service settings. The National Crime

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Benefits of Managing Your Strategic Plan with a Balanced Scorecard

A normal scenario: A consultant is hired to identify opportunities and implement initiatives. The baseline is established, Key Performance Indicators are agreed upon and progress begins to be tracked. The delivered outcomes are reported, the engagement with the consultant ends, NOW WHAT? More often than not, creep occurs, progress made begins to slide and the full success of the engagement is impacted, potentially questioned. The status quo becomes the norm and the delivered outcomes are not properly managed. Having an engagement educational component to transfer knowledge as well as a working, real time management tool is critical to: Maintain quality

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Disruption In Healthcare Delivery & What That Means for Hospital Facilities & EVS Departments

Just as Amazon reinvented the retail shopping experience for consumers, a similar envisioned mindset is driving the Healthcare Delivery of the future.  For centuries now, traditional healthcare has been delivered within the brick and mortar of the hospital walls, with small exceptions for minor sickness and injury. Providers and Hospitals were able to manage and direct how and where healthcare was provided, with little input from Consumers as to their needs.    However, with the Digital Age and a new generation of consumers demanding an expanded platform of options available to them, for their healthcare needs, we are seeing a drastic shift in

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