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The Dining Experience in the Higher Education Marketplace

An essential part of life in any circumstance is the consumption of food. We need food to live. We use the concept of food for socialization and it weakens or enhances communities depending on its availability and distribution. There are all sorts of facets to this journey with food and each has a set of decisions made by the consumer or by an organization offering the experience to the consumer, and frankly in most cases it is the combination of both that provides the challenge to meet the needs of both and remain effective. Dining Services in the education market

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Seven Key Steps for a Successful Contract Negotiation

Contract negotiation can be intimidating. But it needn’t be. By doing the proper planning in advance and having the right players on your side of the negotiation table, you will ensure that you don’t just meet but often exceed your targets.  Here are a few things to keep in mind: What is the achievable target(s)? The right plays to include at the negotiation table? Proper Research Defining the negotiation strategy(ies) What “props” can you use / do you need Meeting location Details in the seating arrangement Managing the big day Seven key steps to successfully negotiate your contract: Step 1:

Hospitals are Using Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare to Improve the Patient Experience

Think for a moment about how different the medical landscape would be today without technology – patients could still be waiting for a doctor in a patient waiting room perhaps driving for over an hour in rural America instead of dialing in via a secure telemedicine link to diagnose a raspy cough, raging rash or sudden change in heart rhythm. While some might argue that artificial intelligence (AI) and data collection threaten personal privacy and negatively impact patient-doctor relationships, technology enables paramount medical research and collaborative patient care. Many believe it is time to hit the pause button, or at least slow

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How Hospitals are being impacted by the Shortage of Skilled Healthcare Workers

Staffing shortages are impacting hospitals all across the nation. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, the United States is expected to experience a physician shortage of up to 122,000 by the year 2032 and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing predicts that the accelerations in the rate of retirement among RNs will impact the field considerably. Other healthcare workers, including technicians, dieticians and physician assistants, are also in short supply in many areas. Whether you operate a large hospital or a small clinic, you need skilled healthcare workers to provide quality patient care. How can you protect

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Finding the needed resources in Healthcare and Academic Support Services

Even in times when things seem to be going just as you planned and all is right with your strategy and expected outcomes, it is hard to find time to plan, gather data, hold meetings with your leaders and find money to make sure that these “nice” times continue. I can almost guarantee you if everything is great and seems to be perfect, it will not remain that way. Life seems to like things to be a bit hectic and it finds a way to take us there. When all hell is breaking lose, and consumers are upset, and you

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Understanding Hospital Crime

The rates of violent crime are rising in hospitals and care settings across the United States, fueled by a myriad of issues, including mental health, emergency room wait times, domestic disputes, and our ongoing struggle with an opioid epidemic that’s bringing patients to hospitals for drugs or addiction treatment. For hospitals leaders understanding what type of crime is occurring and how that compares to the national landscape can be a valuable input into developing a security program that is adapting to this rising issue. First, and foremost, it is important to understand the type of crime that is occurring within

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