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Benefits of Managing Your Strategic Plan with a Balanced Scorecard

A normal scenario: A consultant is hired to identify opportunities and implement initiatives. The baseline is established, Key Performance Indicators are agreed upon and progress begins to be tracked.

The delivered outcomes are reported, the engagement with the consultant ends, NOW WHAT?

More often than not, creep occurs, progress made begins to slide and the full success of the engagement is impacted, potentially questioned. The status quo becomes the norm and the delivered outcomes are not properly managed.

Having an engagement educational component to transfer knowledge as well as a working, real time management tool is critical to:

  • Maintain quality
  • Verify operational enhancements
  • Meeting and Exceeding financial targets

Key components of a successful, working Balanced Scorecard tool must have the following:

  • Ability to track multiple KPIs in one easy to access, easy to interpret platform
  • Ability to input raw data to analyze and identify increases and/or decreases to the baseline
  • Allow for multiple users at different levels of an organization to access relevant information in real time, i.e. facility level, system, regional
  • Store data long term that is trackable and easy to analyze
  • Easily breakdown KPIs and highlight trends
  • Ensure quality and reliability in reported data
  • Reveal strengths and weaknesses using measurable data
  • Analyze formative operational, quality, financial, and employee trends

The ultimate goal of a successful Balanced Scorecard is to align improvement efforts through comprehensive elements that empower institutions to make sense – and use of – their data, offering a valuable companion on the journey of continuous improvement.

Soriant Solutions builds and implements specific initiative scorecards accessible through an online cloud-based platform for each of our clients as a leave behind for long term management of achieved/delivered improvement. Here are a few snapshots of the Soriant online dashboard.

hospital score card

food services score card

Soriant Dashboard diagnostics empowers you to:

  1. Engage internally to embrace continuous improvement
  2. Initiate discussions on institution performance and achieved outcomes
  3. Collaborate on quality factors
  4. Consolidate multi-modal evidence of actions taken to support your efforts
  5. Identify areas of strength and weakness achievement
  6. Drive your improvement journey strategy using a data-driven approach

The Balanced Scorecard addresses the “Now what?” after a consultant finishes, leaves an engagement and places the power to maintain back in the hands of our clients.

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