About Tom Millar

Tom Millar is a seasoned operations leader with expertise in contract management services, profit and loss management, cost reduction initiatives, client retention, and business growth. He possesses a passion for developing and mentoring subordinates, building teams, and working with clients to drive operational savings.

Patient Satisfaction – The Environmental Service Connection

In yesteryears the prevailing memory in patient’s minds was their hospital experience was going to be less than optimal; food was going to be atrocious, cleaning will be inconsistent and indifference was generally the perceived attitude of the caregivers. Today government involvement to ensure the patient’s overall experience by leveling penalties and rewards to the


Once, I was in a particularly tense meeting where everyone sported grim faces. You could cut the air in the room with a knife. The subject on the table concerned options, none of which were especially pleasant. Getting tired with the meeting, and the lack of decision making, I announced, “It seems to me that

Hospital Linen Management: Saving On Laundry Costs

Hospital Laundry Service Most hospitals today rely on external central laundries for the processing of their linens. Operating budgets for linen distribution departments of $1 to $2 million annually—as well as savings potential of 10% to 20%—are not uncommon. Many hospitals have not identified opportunities for hospital laundry cost savings in the distribution and utilization

Tackling Hospital Leader’s Financial Concerns

Financial challenges clearly rank number one for hospital CEOs. Whether it’s falling reimbursements, quality-related compensation penalties, or escalating operational expenses, these are the things that most concern hospital leadership. Efficient alternatives and solutions are needed. Ranked nearly twice as high as the next subject, financial challenges are the primary focus of hospital leaders.  As shown