About Rock Jensen

Rock Jensen, Senior Consultant, has been engaged in hospital environmental services, patient transport, laundry, food, grounds, communication, safety, security, and facilities management since the mid- 1990s.

Disruption In Healthcare Delivery & What That Means for Hospital Facilities & EVS Departments

Just as Amazon reinvented the retail shopping experience for consumers, a similar envisioned mindset is driving the Healthcare Delivery of the future.  For centuries now, traditional healthcare has been delivered within the brick and mortar of the hospital walls, with small exceptions for minor sickness and injury. Providers and Hospitals were able to manage and direct

Optimal ES Workforce Utilization

Read Rock Jensen's article published by Health Facilities Management Magazine! As a leader in the healthcare industry, Jensen describes key strategies for optimal ES workforce utilization such as building an inventory, creating a staffing analysis, combining staffing metrics, including nonproductive labor expenses, and how to take your first step.

Real ES Staffing Standards – Hospital House Keeping

Adequately staffing a Healthcare Environmental Services department is one of the most unique challenges for any EVS operation.  While regulatory agencies provide some guidance to match Nurse staffing levels with patient acuity needs, EVS Departments lack regulatory guidance for staffing level needs for the vital services they provide. There are benchmarking organizations that can provide

Floor Cleaning Program

Our own Rock Jensen has an article published in the May 2016 issue of "Health Facilities Management" Magazine. In the article, Rock provides advice for the maintenance and restoration of your hospital and health care facility floors. You may view the article "Developing A Floor-Cleaning Program" here.

Learn About Metals as Microbicides

Silver Ion Compounds were identified for their disinfectant properties for thousands of years. It has been used as a disinfectant for water storage for many years in many locations around the world.   Over the last decade, Silver has been developed as a disinfectant for the healthcare industry.  It usually is formulated with citric acid and