About Matthew Sedor

Matthew Sedor has experienced a long and successful career in Support Service operations. Currently serving as a consultant, he has guided large hospital systems through systematic change, driving substantial supply chain and workforce results for his clients.

The Food Service GPO – Best practices to maximize your purchasing power

Each year, millions of dollars are spent on food purchases to feed Patients, Visitors, and Hospital Employees.  Every Hospital Food Service department across the US has the same concerns when it comes to using a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO).  Whether the department is outsourced or self-op, there are opportunities for free money from the distributors

Refocusing Support Services – Put patients first

Working for a contract company for almost 18 years, there has always been a constant push to increase incentives, purchasing, or scope of the contract for the services we provided.  The focus was on improving the bottom line, when it should have been more patient focused.  Yes, having a contract company manage your support services