About Jessica Rizzo

Jessica joined Soriant Solutions in 2016. As Senior Director of Client Solutions, she has direct accountability for organic growth strategies. With over 16 years of healthcare experience, Jessica believes in investing the time to truly understand what the client is experiencing and mutually developing a plan for long-term sustainable results. Jessica believes in fulfilling client expectations, building authentic business relationships, and working towards common objectives that are mutually defined.

Understanding the Value of Cost Containment and Purchased Services for Hospitals

Hospital CFOs face a number of unique challenges in the ever-shifting environment of today’s healthcare. Rising pension contributions, skyrocketing pharmaceutical prices, and the constant need to invest in technology has driven expense growth. In fact, a report by Standard & Poor’s says that the expenses have outpaced revenue growth for healthcare systems in the United

Is Your Hospital’s Printing Activity Draining Your Revenue?

When electronic health records were first implemented, most people believed that their existence would reduce the amount of printed documents hospitals and doctor's offices produce. Unfortunately, even with this new technology, hospitals continue to spend entirely too much money on resources for printing. Current Hospital Printing Statistics According to a recent study published by CynergisTek,

Pain in the @$$ (Support Services) – Part Two

It is human nature to believe your department(s) is running well and at top efficiency.  In reality, it is important to do periodic assessments with some honest “digging”.  The problem is finding the bandwidth to do it! Having a “fresh-eyes” approach, based on a true analysis against like size/region, can make a world of difference.

Pain in the @$$ (Support Services) – Part One

With all the uncertainly around the survival of ACA, how that will affect who has coverage, cases continuing to migrate to the outpatient arena, and the sickest of patients accessing care in the acute care setting, many through the costliest of the ER, who has time to address how all these high pressing issues trickle