About James Swisher

James Swisher is a collaborative healthcare leader and advisor who brings more than 20 years of experience in hospital and homecare operations and performance improvement. James enjoys identifying and addressing the root cause of issues to gain meaningful and sustainable improvements in operational efficiency and cost.

How to Get Started in Lean & Six Sigma Without Getting Overwhelmed

Maybe you’ve heard of Lean. It’s the name we give the philosophies, tools, and systems originally developed by Toyota to build highly reliable and consistent cars. Lean isn’t just for cars, though. It’s been adopted by thousands of companies worldwide and is a proven catalyst for improving quality, reducing costs, and boosting employee morale. It’s

Lean Six Sigma Produces Real-World Results at Mt. Washington

Lean Six Sigma, originally developed by Toyota to build highly reliable and consistent cars (Lean) with powerful statistical tools to understand and improve business processes (Six Sigma), is far from just another fad improvement methodology.  The dedicated team of Dietitians, Nurses, Physicians, and Nutrition Assistants at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital in Baltimore, MDused a Lean

Using the Baldridge Criteria to Improve Organizational Performance

Healthcare leaders have been hearing a lot about the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award over the last fifteen years, and for good reason.  Baldrige has become an increasingly common framework used by top performing hospitals, and has become one of the dominant industries represented in the national annual quality award competition administered by the U.S.