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Erik brings a wealth of experience with an outstanding track record as an executive who has held a wide range of operational and strategic roles. Throughout his career Erik has helped organizations identify, evaluate and capitalize on market opportunities.

Interim Management Consulting Services: Four Key Reasons to Hire an Interim Manager for your Hospital or Healthcare System

During times of crisis or change, hospital and healthcare organizations need help. Interim Management consulting services can make a crucial difference when an organization reaches a turning point. These services ensure stability to get through the immediate challenge and steer the organization to a more stable and profitable future. Interim Management consulting services provide

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Advantages of an Effective Linen Strategy

This time last year, I started my blog post with “It’s not new and it’s not old, healthcare organizations continue to make it a priority to evaluate their cost structure on an ongoing basis and identify opportunities to reduce spending while maintaining or improving patient outcomes.  Hospitals continue to be under significant competitive pressure to

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Hospital Vending Solutions

First a personal disclaimer:  I really dislike vending machines.  I travel a lot, in and out of facilities every week.  Vending machines never have anything I eat when I want to eat it.  They are filled with sugary and salty snacks and sugary beverages; occasionally, with the one or two healthy options of a bag

Webinar: Trends In Vending

Trends in Vending – what’s going on and what can my organization do! Learn about the macro financial trends of the US vending industry Learn strategies for implementing a health food vending program Find out which US hospital generated $885K in new revenue from vending By Erik Scott For additional

Webinar : Trends in Healthcare Real Estate – Part 3

In this fast paced, 9 minute final installment of a three part video series, Erik discusses occupancy cost optimization strategies and impact on real estate monetization. With a case study review of operating cost reduction within a core hospital asset. Presenters: Erik Scott, CEO For additional assistance please call 770-777-6633