About Christina Nugent

Christina has served as Chief Financial Officer since 2008. A stock options trader for over 20 years, Christina spearheads the financial and human resources divisions. Her background gives a fresh vantage point to running a healthcare consultancy. She is responsible for maintaining Soriant’s competitive edge, attracting top executives and standardizing processes.

Balancing Across Generations in the Workplace

56707677 - generation x y z millennials speedometer words 3d illustration Healthcare leadership is increasingly faced with management of generational differences within their organization.  Pew Research Center (May 2015) recently released the latest statistics from the US Labor Force showing how Millennials or Generation Y has surpassed Generation X as the largest

Hospital Outsourcing vs. In-House: How to Move Forward?

Reimbursement compression continues driving healthcare organizations to seek ever-increasing cost reductions and operational efficiencies, specifically around activities or services that are not core to the organizational mission of patient care. Hospitals are primarily geared for acute care operations and the complexity involved with direct patient care. Outsourcing can be a great partnership for long term

Financial Viability: What You Need to Know

  First let’s define “financial viability”. Generally speaking, financial viability is nothing more than a hospital’s ability to generate and maintain an inflow of finance resources (revenue) that is greater than the outflow (expenses). It’s not farfetched to believe that a hospital could be running in a highly effective and efficient manner, yet on the

3 Things You May Not Realize Your Patients Notice During Their Stay at Your Facility

Hospitals are busy places, and healthcare professionals are just as busy. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to oversights that you may not realize you’ve made, but your patients will definitely catch. Here’s a look at three hospital stay issues that you may not realize your patients notice. Effort and Care Your patients take notice of