About Chris Brown

Chris brings more than 18 years of healthcare support services expertise. As a former contract management provider, Chris has an in-depth knowledge of provider fees and fee structures, enabling him to safeguard critical funds. Chris excels at finding ways institutions can reap benefits via rebates, paying the right price for the right product, and retaining low costs.

The Association for Healthcare Foodservice (AHF)– Understand Self Op Programs and the Benefits of a Business Partnership

AHF was established nine years ago when legacy organizations, American Society for Healthcare Foodservice Administrators (ASHFSA) and Healthcare Foodservice Management (HFM), joined forces to establish the “premier” organization for self-operated healthcare food management professionals. Representing roughly 60% of the membership are 650 self-op healthcare facilities (Operator members), including chefs, dietitians, foodservice managers and directors. Soriant

Consultants, Cost Savings, and Keys to Success

Today’s macro and micro trends (which include change in reimbursement, increased quality targets and change in leadership, to mention a few) are driving organizations to seek outside assistance to achieve desired outcomes.  Hospital leadership hires consultants to identify and drive change in an organization; these engagements are generally highly structured and require support from those

Dealing with Data in Today’s Healthcare Setting

The medical industry has always collected a huge amount of data.  This has evolved from paper laden processes into today’s massive electronic data stores.  The information is often corralled into different repositories controlled by individual doctors’ surgeries, hospitals, clinics and administrative departments. Hospitals are being driven to invest in analytics for many reasons, but two

What is LEED in Healthcare

While many people are familiar with LEED for New Construction, some have overlooked the fact that there is a similar system in place for the healthcare industry. Allowing healthcare facilities the unique position in providing a better patient experience. LEED DEFINED: LEED, also known as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a third party

Hospital Patient Feeding Hybrid Models Implemented To Keep Up With Patient Satisfaction Goals

The delivery of patient food service meals continues to adapt to changing cultures and higher demands for patient satisfaction outcomes. Nearly 20 years ago, when I first got into the healthcare space, patients did not always have an opportunity to choose a meal preference and for those that were able would be ordering tomorrow’s meals

Hospital Market Trends of 2015

Reducing healthcare provider expenditures and increasing revenues with a focus on quality outcomes is what our business is all about. Our team carefully analyzes market trends in the medical industry’s support service areas to understand which services generate revenue compared to those that strain your business’s cash flow. This year, our team found dozens of

The Inside Scoop on Outsourcing

When it comes to whether a hospital support service department should be outsourced or managed in house there really is no simple answer. Working with a significant amount of healthcare institutions across the country has affirmed that surprises are to be expected. Hospitals are wise to begin with examining their overarching strategic objectives and goals

2014 Healthcare Changes: Real Impact on Reimbursements

The US healthcare system continues to morph in 2014. This year’s changes will affect hospitals and healthcare providers in several ways, including adjustments to budgets and impacts on patient care delivery. Cuts to Medicare, lack of Medicaid expansion in some states, and hospital debts are actively transforming the US hospital model. The evolving payment structure