About Brian Nugent

With over 30 years in healthcare consulting, Brian is known for his ability to lead, cultivate and build teams in times of upheaval. His management style focuses on “Change as an Opportunity” for new processes, new leadership, creative thinking, team building and overall bottom line results.

Understanding Costs is Key to Value-Based Healthcare Reimbursement

While it’s virtually impossible to predict the timeline for the transition of healthcare reimbursement from fee-for-service to value based, there is absolute certainty that the impending shift will place significant downward pressure on a provider’s financial performance. Attempts to grow lingering FFS volumes and profits cannot keep pace with the reimbursement shift to value-based reimbursements.

Improving Patient Experience – No Longer a “Nice to Do” on Your List

When Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services introduced the Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program in FY2013, the direct link between patient experience and hospital financial performance was proven. This program rewards – or penalizes, hospitals based on a combination of core measures, hospital-acquired conditions and the facility’s score on the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers

Driving Culture Change in Healthcare Organizations – Or Is It Driving You?

No one understands the continuous turmoil of healthcare services better than those who work within the industry. Reimbursement declines, ever-increasing focus on quality, and a steady march toward population health/active consumer participation in health management, healthcare leaders are recognizing the need for culture changes within their organizations. How Does Culture Change Start? Culture change begins

Healthcare Utility Management, Deregulated States, and More

When it comes to healthcare utility management, medical facilities are faced with a growing number of questions and challenges. With each passing day, resource productivity and sustainability become more important to companies throughout the world. This is particularly true within the healthcare industry, with hospitals constantly seeking ways to save money while becoming more efficient.

How I Learned to be Engaged and Get my Team Engaged

For all healthcare organizations, the mandate to improve clinical processes and ensure a high-quality patient experience is an outcome that is dependent on the commitment, skills, and dedication of an organization’s employees who have an enormous impact on the overall patient experience. With a potential 2% loss in reimbursements for organizations that do not meet patient