About Brian Nugent

With over 30 years in healthcare consulting, Brian is known for his ability to lead, cultivate and build teams in times of upheaval. His management style focuses on “Change as an Opportunity” for new processes, new leadership, creative thinking, team building and overall bottom line results.

Employee Engagement in the Modern Era: The Key to Your Organization’s Success

Every organization requires a happy, motivated, and engaged workforce to succeed, which is especially true in the healthcare industry. Gallup and Loma Linda University Medical Center conclusively discovered that employee engagement and employee safety work in tandem to significantly enhance patient satisfaction.  They also concluded that low levels of employee engagement can have a devastating effect on patient care. In

Enhancing Employee Engagement

Wikipedia defines Employee engagement as “a property of the relationship between an organization and its employees. An "engaged employee" is one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work and so takes positive action to further the organization's reputation and interests.” Employee Engagement is the model most widely used in today’s industry, charging

Employee Engagement 101

Watch this FREE 13 minute webinar to discover several key steps to enhance employee engagement. When employee engagement improves, you also impact your hospital's patient experience, financial performance and staff productivity, health & attitude. Learn more - watch now! For additional assistance please call 770-777-6633 Take two

Is Your Food Service Program Challenging Your Bottom Line?

  Declining reimbursements and the turbulent landscape of healthcare reform is forcing hospitals just like yours to scrutinize their spending and look for new ways to cut their hospital food service cost. Most institutions address challenges to their bottom lines by targeting their cost-saving efforts at the top spend categories, such as utilities and medical services.

Understanding Costs is Key to Value-Based Healthcare Reimbursement

While it’s virtually impossible to predict the timeline for the transition of healthcare reimbursement from fee-for-service to value based, there is absolute certainty that the impending shift will place significant downward pressure on a provider’s financial performance. Attempts to grow lingering FFS volumes and profits cannot keep pace with the reimbursement shift to value-based reimbursements.