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AFR Solutions Unveils New Brand:

June 25, 2012 – Health care executives have to continually deal with increasing costs and decreasing reimbursements, while trying to improve patient satisfaction and quality. Soriant Solutions assists with these challenges and identifies immediate savings in the areas of support services. “In our partnerships with hospitals, hidden opportunities to reduce costs in support services are found, saving millions of dollars while improving patient care,” says President and Founder, Brian Nugent.

Inspired by Jonathon Livingston Seagull, a book written by Richard Bach, Soriant was built to help hospitals see new possibilities and soar to higher standards and goals within support services. Soriant focuses on support services departments which include clinical engineering, contract services, environmental services, facilities management, food and nutrition, laundry and linens, patient transport and security. “Roughly 30-40% of all hospitals outsource food and nutrition services. Reduction of costs can be found in the outsourcing of these services to big vendors. By demanding more transparency from vendors, Soriant finds hidden money resulting in immediate savings. For example, rebates and expenses that are not passed to the hospital create room for renegotiating contracts to pass some of that revenue back to the hospital,” explains Mr. Nugent “and there are many other places to efficiently and quickly produce cost saving results.”

The Soriant mission is to accelerate the performance of support services departments with integrity, service, and results. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Soriant partners with hospitals and health systems across the country to accelerate performance and improve patient care while balancing market-focused, targeted savings. Soriant builds value at the highest standard of service as their clients achieve immediate results in this rapidly evolving health care market.

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