Webinar: Regulatory Updates – What’s new for 2017?

In this 6 minute webinar, Jessica, will highlight The Joint Commission’s 2017 regulatory updates including: SAFER Matrix Antimicrobial Stewardship standards Environment of Care and Life Safety Chapters ORYX-TJC’s clinical quality improvement and reporting program Presenter:  Jessica Rodriguez For additional assistance please call 770-777-6633 Take two minutes to

Webinar : Trends in Healthcare Real Estate – Part 3

In this fast paced, 9 minute final installment of a three part video series, Erik discusses occupancy cost optimization strategies and impact on real estate monetization. With a case study review of operating cost reduction within a core hospital asset. Presenters: Erik Scott, CEO For additional assistance please call 770-777-6633

Consultants, Cost Savings, and Keys to Success

Today’s macro and micro trends (which include change in reimbursement, increased quality targets and change in leadership, to mention a few) are driving organizations to seek outside assistance to achieve desired outcomes.  Hospital leadership hires consultants to identify and drive change in an organization; these engagements are generally highly structured and require support from those