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Partnering with Hospitals
and Health Systems

to Optimize Financials
while Improving Patient Satisfaction

Trusted Advisors focused on Accelerating
Support Services & Operational Performance
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In a Constantly Changing Environment
Soriant Implements Immediate and Sustainable Solutions
Real Solutions for Today’s Challenges & Future Opportunities
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Partnering with Academia
To Optimize Services with a
Focus on Student Retention
To Optimize Services with a focus on Student Retention
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Soriant Solutions is not
“Pro Contract” or “Pro Self-Op”,
but Pro Client!
Tailored Solutions to Match Your Unique Strategic Objectives
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Professional Solutions to Improve Operational and Financial Performance

How Does Our Consultation
Process Work?


Address Today’s Challenges

  • Organizations are forced to think differently about delivering care/services.
  • We offer custom business solutions for financial viability, while boosting satisfaction, revenue and driving down cost.
  • Soriant tackles the complexities so you can focus on your customer’s needs.

Provide Clear Cost Transformation

  • Identify costly expenditures and reinvesting dollars where they matter the most.
  • Eliminate ineffective, nonessential spending, and reinvesting the savings to power your growth.
  • Explore the advantages of zero-based budgeting to quickly achieve cost reduction and revenue benefits.

Utilize Technology-Enabled Services

  • Change healthcare and academia with innovative technologies.
  • Provide practical and cost-effective client solutions throughout North America.
  • Solutions focused on your most critical issues with tools to monitor and improve performance.

Soriant is now part of Vizient, Inc., the nation’s leading health care performance improvement company.

Our consultants will continue to serve clients with comprehensive solutions that enable health systems to improve operational and financial performance.

An Education and Healthcare Consulting Firm

Soriant was founded with one principle in mind: finding operational solutions focused on our clients most critical opportunities and issues. As trusted advisors, Soriant helps pinpoint areas of improvement, provide risk and vulnerability assessments, render strategic advice, program management, and logistics support.

We partner with hospitals, universities and healthcare professionals to provide custom business solutions for financial viability, while maintaining student, patient and client satisfaction – your priority is our priority.

Optimizing Expenditures and Improving the Student and Patient Experience

Soriant delivers market-responsive strategies that are designed to drive down costs and build a foundation of lasting client care.  Our higher education and healthcare consultants bring extensive c-level experience to guide and ensure your long-term success. We observe, access, advise and then make it actionable with advanced tracking and measurement tools that are the industry’s most reliable metrics for identifying and implementing sustainable changes, while minimizing the efforts and impact to day to day operations.

lean 6 sigma

Boosting productivity
and efficiency using the
Lean Six Sigma Processes



healthcare consulting

Negotiated Vendor
and Managed
RFP/RFI Processes

employee engagement

Developing and Sustaining
Employee Engagement

operational cost chart

Reduced Department
Operational Costs

strategic design

Strategic Design

As is evident through our years of operation, Our strategic advisors are committed to providing a successful implementation plan. Via support services, supply chain consulting and implementing best practices, together we will positively impact your bottom line. Our outstanding national reputation is backed by the quality of our results and integrity of the Soriant team.

Healthcare Outcomes


1 %
Return on Investment


$ 1 M
per Integrated Engagement

“We treat every opportunity to work with our Clients as a partnership, and we make it our mission to create sustainable solutions that leave you with the knowledge and skills needed to continue making progress long after we leave.”

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Erik Scott, CEO, Soriant

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